Because we want to offer you a complete and comprehensive range of services, we also provide Project Management services.

In practice, the SPATIO expert will handle the development and implementation of architectural and interior design projects, from the initial stages of design and planning to the completion of all works.

Worries about finding specialists who can oversee all the details of a specific project are eliminated with our help, as we will take care of the following aspects:

  • Developing a project plan that will include the involved budget, necessary resources, an estimated timeline, as well as specific conditions and responsibilities
  • Allocating and managing the necessary material and human resources for starting the project (employees, machinery, equipment, raw materials, potential subcontractors, etc.)
  • Preparing specific documentation required in various sections of the project
  • Ensuring the project’s compliance with the established plan from all perspectives: financial, quality, and delivery terms
  • Evaluating the project in the final stages to identify any changes and implement necessary measures

Having a Project Management specialist who will handle all necessary aspects regarding the organization and management of resources to turn the initial plan into reality is a significant advantage for beneficiaries.