Why do you need a procurement specialist for your project?

The procurement specialist has the responsibility of managing and coordinating the procurement process for you.

At Spatio Design, we ensure that we obtain the best quality products and services at competitive prices, in compliance with regulations and legal standards.

Here are some details about what we do in this process:

Procurement Planning: The procurement specialist will work with you to identify procurement needs, set requirements, and develop strategies to ensure an efficient and economical approach.

Research and Evaluation: We identify potential suppliers, conduct market analyses to evaluate available options, and negotiate with suppliers to get the best price conditions and terms for your project.

Supplier Selection: We base our decisions on criteria such as product or service quality, delivery times, supplier reputation, and costs involved.

Contract Negotiation: We draft and negotiate contracts with suppliers to ensure advantageous conditions and minimize risks for you.

Supplier Performance Monitoring: We periodically check if suppliers meet agreed deadlines and quality standards and resolve any issues.

Supplier Relationship Management: We maintain efficient communication with suppliers to ensure smooth collaboration and resolve any problems or misunderstandings.

Legal Compliance: We ensure compliance with all procurement laws and regulations, including business ethics norms.

Budget Management: We collaborate with you to manage the allocated procurement budget and ensure it stays within set limits.

Implementation of Specific Technologies: We use information systems or other technologies to streamline the procurement process and monitor relevant data.

Process Performance Evaluation: We continuously analyze the procurement process to identify opportunities for efficiency and cost reduction in your favor.

Additionally, our procurement specialist possesses interpersonal skills (soft skills) and transferable skills, such as negotiation, effective communication, interpersonal relations, planning and organization, strategic vision, resilience, decision-making, and professional ethics, which will be of real benefit to you.

In conclusion, having the procurement specialist involved represents a significant gain for your project, ensuring your access to quality goods and services at competitive prices.