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Information about the company:


Registered office address: Bucharest, Sector 6, Str. Cupolei no.1, bl.106, sc. C, 7th floor, ap.96

VAT number: RO33218215

Registration number in the Bucharest Trade Register: J40/6353/2014

Terms and conditions of use:

The website www.ralucanedelcu.ro is the property of SC SPATIO DESIGN_ARHITECTURA SRL, registered in the Trade Register under no. J40/6353/2014.

The services and products sold through www.ralucanedelcu.ro are new and accompanied by a fiscal invoice. SC SPATIO DESIGN ARHITECTURA SRL reserves the right to refuse collaboration with customers who exhibit inappropriate behavior and language (aggressive, licentious, etc.) or who have a history of refused orders and deliveries.

SC SPATIO DESIGN_ARHITECTURA SRL reserves the right to not honor the delivery of products whose price is incorrect and does not fit within the company’s price range. In this case, the customer will be contacted and will have the option to confirm the order at the correct price or to refuse it.

SC SPATIO DESIGN_ARHITECTURA SRL reserves the right to make changes and updates to these terms and conditions, as well as to the offer, without prior notice and without specifying the reasons. Additionally, SC SPATIO DESIGN_ARHITECTURA SRL reserves the right to correct any omissions or display errors that may occur due to typographical errors, lack of accuracy, or software product errors without prior notification. These errors do not obligate SC SPATIO DESIGN_ARHITECTURA SRL to take any action.


Access to the information published on the website www.ralucanedelcu.ro is free for all users with an Internet connection. Ralucanedelcu.ro/ SC SPATIO DESIGN_ARHITECTURA SRL does not assume responsibility for the security of this portal or the Internet connection through which a user accesses the portal.

Some information and/or services may be offered by Ralucanedelcu.ro only to registered users (those who have created a personal user account, identified by email address and password, and have activated it through explicit, manual reconfirmation). At the time of issuing this document, user registration through creating a personal account is free and accessible to all interested parties without any conditions other than providing the necessary identification data to create an individual account, as requested in the registration form (account creation).


SC SPATIO DESIGN_ARHITECTURA SRL provides access to the website www.ralucanedelcu.ro to all interested users and authorizes them to view and consult the information on the portal solely for personal, non-commercial purposes.

The copyright for the information on this portal is owned by SC SPATIO DESIGN_ARHITECTURA SRL or its partners. No material from www.ralucanedelcu.ro may be partially or fully reproduced or modified without explicit prior permission through a written agreement with SC SPATIO DESIGN_ARHITECTURA SRL or its partners.

The content of this site, including texts, graphics, photographs, software, logos, videos, and any other materials, is protected by copyright law and is the property of ralucanedelcu.ro or its partners.

Ralucanedelcu.ro or third parties may provide authorized links (“hyperlinks”) to other pages or websites through the portal. Ralucanedelcu.ro does not guarantee, and cannot be held responsible in any way for the availability, form, content, advertising, products, or other materials available on these linked pages or websites. Ralucanedelcu.ro will not be liable or responsible for any direct or indirect damages, loss, or alleged damage or loss caused by or in connection with the use or reliance on the information, content, goods, or services provided by those websites.

Reproduction, copying, duplication, sale, resale, exploitation, or use in a manner that violates Romanian or international copyright law of the information and materials published on the portal or provided within the services offered by it may result in civil or criminal liability.

Ralucanedelcu.ro reserves the right to prevent unauthorized access or use of the portal by any means. Additionally, Ralucanedelcu.ro reserves the right to request the legal sanctioning of individuals involved in such unauthorized actions, especially if there are indications that their purpose is to destroy or alter the content or security of the portal, or to attack and discredit the Ralucanedelcu.ro website, its partners, products, services, or employees.


Any potential litigation related to the Ralucanedelcu.ro website falls under the jurisdiction of the common law courts in Romania.


The following are prohibited for users of the Ralucanedelcu.ro website:

➢ copying, duplicating, distributing, archiving, or storing for purposes other than personal information, the materials and information available on this portal;

➢ attempting to intervene, by any means, in the content of this portal, deleting or modifying the materials and information published, or attempting to do so;

➢ attempting to scan, probe, or test, without authorization, the vulnerability of any system on the Ralucanedelcu.ro website (or the network itself) and accessing any servers or services that are not public on the Ralucanedelcu.ro website;

➢ attempting to interfere with the operation of hosting servers or the Ralucanedelcu.ro network by any means, including attacking them through “flooding” or “DOS”.

➢ using, without the written consent of the owners, any email addresses published on or through the portal for distribution in mailing lists or for sending commercial emails (“spam”) or for any purpose other than sending justified personal emails.

Violation of one or more of the rules listed above entails civil and/or criminal liability. Ralucanedelcu.ro will investigate acts involving such violations, cooperating with authorities to prevent or hinder them.


Ralucanedelcu.ro reserves the right to modify or temporarily or permanently, partially or entirely, interrupt the services provided through this site, with or without prior notice.

Ralucanedelcu.ro is not responsible to users for the modification, suspension, or interruption of services available through the Ralucanedelcu.ro website and may change the content and terms of use of the site at any time. The new conditions become enforceable upon publication on the site, without Ralucanedelcu.ro being required to personally inform each user of these changes.


By using the Ralucanedelcu.ro website, users implicitly acknowledge that they understand and agree that the use of the portal is at their own risk. Ralucanedelcu.ro is expressly exempt from any responsibility expressed directly or indirectly, regardless of its nature, including but not limited to indirect warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

Ralucanedelcu.ro does not provide any guarantee that:

➢ the information will meet all user requirements,

➢ the services will be uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error-free,

➢ the results that may be obtained from using the information published on the site will be correct or reliable,

➢ the quality of any products, services, information, or other materials purchased or obtained by the user as a result of consulting the site will meet all user requirements.

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No recommendation or other information, oral or written, obtained from or through the services offered by Ralucanedelcu.ro, constitutes a warranty unless expressly stipulated in this document.



Ralucanedelcu.ro shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, or special damages, including but not limited to damages for loss of profits, loss of data, or other intangible or immeasurable losses (even if Ralucanedelcu.ro has been advised of the possibility of such losses), resulting from:

➢ the use or inability to use the information published on the site or provided through its services;

➢ unauthorized access to or alteration of user data;

➢ statements or actions of a third party regarding the Ralucanedelcu.ro website or its services;

➢ any other issues related to the Ralucanedelcu.ro website or its services.

If it is believed that material published on Ralucanedelcu.ro infringes upon the rights of third parties, it is necessary to report this situation to the address contact@ralucanedelcu.ro.

For those pages of the Ralucanedelcu.ro website that may contain user opinions, the responsibility for the content of those opinions lies entirely with their respective authors. Ralucanedelcu.ro reserves the right not to publish those opinions that contravene the terms and conditions of use or that it considers harmful, in any form, to its own image and/or the image of its partners or third parties.

This portal is provided in its current form, without any other warranties. Ralucanedelcu.ro is not and cannot be held responsible for inconveniences, unavailability, or other defects of this portal or its content.


On the page of each product, you will find the necessary details, such as photos, materials and colors used, available sizes, and prices. The price is automatically updated according to the chosen size, and the total price based on the selected quantity will be displayed in the shopping cart. Select the size of the product, the quantity, and finally, when you have finished adding all the products to the “Shopping Cart,” press “Proceed to Checkout.”

Add the desired products to the shopping cart by selecting the “Add to Cart” button. In the shopping cart, you can review the list of selected products (by clicking “View Cart”), update the quantity, or remove one or all of the selected products.

The prices displayed on the product page are in Romanian Lei, including VAT, and do not include shipping fees. There is no minimum order requirement. Products are not delivered framed or with additional accessories, other than the printed canvas mounted on the wooden frame.

After completing the order, you will receive confirmation of the order at the provided email address. Once the product is dispatched, you will receive another confirmation with the order status, and you will receive the fiscal invoice and the courier’s tracking number for shipment tracking.

Billing and Delivery Order Details

After adding the desired products to the cart, click on the “Proceed to Checkout” button and fill in the billing details, choose the desired delivery method, and the payment method. Don’t forget to read the terms and conditions and check the box “I agree to the Terms and Conditions policy.” The final step to place the order is the “Place Order” button. Shortly after pressing this button, you will receive an email confirming the order registration.

Attention: The order confirmation is done after the receipt of the transaction amount, with the mention that for online payment, the reservation is made at the time of payment, and for payment by bank transfer, the reservation is made at the time the amount reflects in the seller’s account. The buyer assumes the risk of losing the availability of the product if opting for payment by bank transfer.


Tracking Your Order

After completing the order, you can track its status from your customer account, in the “My Orders” section.

Delivery Conditions

The cost of shipping is the responsibility of the customer, with the mention that this cost is highlighted when selecting the shipping method. For home delivery, handling the products from the transport vehicle to the destination is the customer’s responsibility.

Delivery is carried out by a courier (Fan Courier or DPD) on a “door-to-door” basis: the package comes directly to your address in a short time (between 24-48 hours – on working days). Payment is made upon receipt by the recipient from the Fan Courier/DPD agent, the amount paid being the price of the product(s) plus the shipping cost in cash or by bank card.

If the package cannot be delivered (recipient does not respond, the address provided by you is incorrect, etc.), you will be contacted by the courier via phone. If the recipient cannot be contacted, the parcels will remain at the regional Fan Courier/DPD center for 5 days, after which they will be returned to the sender.

The package can only be shipped domestically (shipping cost: between 25-30 lei), depending on the locality. For international orders, please contact us via email at contact@ralucanedelcu.ro.

We are not responsible for delayed shipments, loss, destruction, damage, non-delivery, or incorrect delivery of a shipment or a part thereof in cases where they are caused by the following situations/circumstances beyond our control:

– Road blockages (fallen trees, rocks, chain collisions), landslides near the road

– Bridge collapses, mountain tunnel blockages, train derailments near the road, natural blockages, unauthorized strikes, spontaneous regional riots, adverse weather conditions that hinder the proposed itinerary

– Natural causes: earthquakes, cataclysms, devastating storms, tornadoes, natural fires, floods, river overflows, channel abandonments, etc.

– Human causes: state of war, state of siege, forced nationalization (transition to state ownership), revolutions, popular uprisings, etc.

Delivery Terms:

The estimated delivery time is a maximum of 2 weeks from the moment the order is confirmed by the sales operator (via phone and/or billing message). For orders paid by bank transfer, the delivery time will be calculated from the moment the full payment is received in the Seller’s account.

The delivery time depends on the physical availability of the product. Information about stock availability is visible on each product page and is periodically updated. The status can be displayed in the following variations:

➢ In stock: the product is in stock, in a quantity that we consider sufficient for the sales pace;

➢ Next restocking date: the product is in the supplier’s stock, and the next restocking date can be considered. The order can be placed once the product is in the Seller’s stock (and its status changes to: In stock).

If the billing and delivery information provided by the Buyer is incorrect or incomplete, we cannot guarantee compliance with the delivery times. Within the available time limit, we will try to contact the Buyer to establish a new order fulfillment deadline. If we do not receive any sign from the Buyer within 24 hours, we reserve the right to cancel the order.

Checking the Package upon Delivery

If the number of packages differs from that specified in the transport documents or if the packages show visible damage upon receipt by the courier, we recommend that the buyer refuse to accept them and request the courier to draw up an official report in their presence. In addition, we ask the buyer to report this incident on the day of delivery by email at contact@ralucanedelcu.ro or by phone. Any subsequent complaint regarding these issues will be considered null and void and will not be taken into account.

In case the package shows slight damage to the packaging or contains breakable goods without any visible damage, we strongly advise the Buyer to request a mandatory inspection of the package contents. If the product is affected, the acceptance of the package is refused, and an official report is drawn up in the presence of the courier. If the product is affected and there is no mention/observation on the courier’s waybill or no official report drawn up with the agent, the product cannot be exchanged.

If the driver refuses to draw up the official report, the Buyer is requested to notify us as soon as possible (by phone or email at contact@ralucanedelcu.ro) within a maximum of one hour to verify with the carrier. Subsequent complaints after the one-hour deadline will not be considered.

Special Delivery Conditions:

During delivery, external factors may cause delays beyond our or the courier’s control: unfavorable weather conditions, accidents, and other roadblocks. As soon as we become aware of these cases, we will inform you as soon as possible about the shipment status.


The prices of the Goods displayed on the website www.ralucanedelcu.ro include VAT in accordance with the current legislation.

The price, payment method, and payment deadline are specified in each Order. The Seller will issue an invoice to the Buyer for the delivered products, and the Buyer is obligated to provide all the necessary information for issuing the invoice in accordance with the current legislation.

The Seller will send the Buyer the invoice related to the Order, except for any other payments related to the Order, exclusively in electronic format, by adding the invoice to the Buyer’s Account or by email, to the email address provided by the Buyer in their Account.

For the correct communication of the invoice related to the Order, the Buyer has the obligation to update their data in their Account whenever necessary and to access the information and documents related to each Order, available in their Account. Through this communication method, the Buyer, by accessing their Account, will keep a record of the invoices issued by www.ralucanedelcu.ro and will be able to save and archive them at any time and in any way they prefer.

By placing the Order, the Buyer expresses their agreement to receive the invoices in electronic format by the addition of these by the Seller to their Account or through email, at the email address mentioned in their Account. If this information is unavailable for more than 48 (forty-eight) hours in the Account, please notify us at contact@ralucanedelcu.ro.

In certain situations, to maintain the security of the transactions, when placing the Order, the Buyer will be asked to authorize the payment by re-entering their Account password or using their digital fingerprint in the case of mobile terminals that have this feature.

For security reasons, the Customer/User/Buyer is advised not to stay logged in on the Site and not to set the automatic login option on mobile devices. Disclosing the account access password is not allowed, and it is recommended to use a strong security password (e.g., containing at least eight characters, including uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters).


The Buyer who wishes to make a return or cancel the purchase will send a written request to contact@ralucanedelcu.ro. After verifying and approving the written request, the Seller will register it and communicate to the Buyer the registration number by email, confirming the acceptance of the return, if applicable.

The Buyer is required to send the product via courier, with the shipping cost being their responsibility. The registration number of the request must also be included on the shipping document (AWB). Products returned without the Seller’s written approval and without the registration number on the AWB will not be considered, and the product reception will be refused.

In the case of repeated returns or when it is considered that the Buyer’s actions were in bad faith, the Seller has the right to refuse the return and to request damages from the Buyer, according to applicable legislation.

Any issues related to compatibility between products purchased from the online store www.ralucanedelcu.ro and other products owned or to be purchased by the Buyer are not the responsibility of the Seller.

If the return is accepted, the Buyer may choose to replace the returned product with an identical one. If an identical product is no longer in stock or cannot be obtained, the Buyer may opt for a replacement with another product or for a full refund of the product’s value.

If a replacement with another product is agreed upon, in the case that the product is more expensive, the Buyer will pay the difference. If the value of the replacement product is lower, the Buyer will receive the corresponding partial refund.

If the Buyer wishes to receive a refund, the maximum legal term is 14 days from the return confirmation, but not before the returned product reaches the Seller.

Return situations:

  1. Renunciation of the purchased product (Renunciation of purchase)

In case, following the return, the Seller notices a decrease in the value of the product due to handling, a resealing fee will be charged to the Customer. To avoid this situation, the Buyer is advised to overpackage the product and the original box in another packaging for better protection.

The following products are not eligible for the right of withdrawal:

➢ Products supplied according to the Buyer’s specifications, based on a special order;

➢ Identical products purchased and unsealed (over 2 pieces);

➢ Products showing signs of damage (scratches, dents), installation, use, wear and tear, or consumption;

➢ Products with completely or partially erased serial numbers, traces of electrical shocks;

  1. Wrong Delivery

In the case of delivery of a different quantity or a different product, the Buyer must report the incident to the Seller within a maximum of 24 hours from the actual reception in order to be able to return the product. In this case, the transport and handling are free for the customer. We recommend that the Buyer, in the event of a wrong delivery, immediately call the phone number on the website.

The products will be returned in the condition they were received, in the original packaging, with all accessories, consumables, and associated gift products, along with a copy of the invoice and the original warranty certificate. The return will be refused in case of product damage or if the Seller determines that the products are unsellable.


Force majeure, as defined in art. 1351 NCC, exempts the invoking party from liability, but only to the extent and for the duration for which the performance of obligations has been affected by that situation, and if the other party is notified within 2 days from the occurrence of the event constituting force majeure.


This Contract is subject to Romanian law. Any disputes arising between www.ralucanedelcu.ro/ SC SPATIO DESIGN_ARHITECTURA SRL and Clients / Buyers shall be settled amicably or, if this is not possible, the disputes shall be resolved by the competent Romanian courts in the Municipality of Bucharest.


Ralucanedelcu.ro is not responsible for attacks aimed at theft that could lead to the disclosure or compromise of users’ personal data.

Ralucanedelcu.ro assumes no responsibility for situations in which the user voluntarily publishes their address or any other personal data in a public message on any of the Ralucanedelcu.ro pages.

The website Ralucanedelcu.ro reserves the right not to accept and/or consider unsolicited materials sent to its address for publication on the portal’s pages or for other purposes. If users send such materials to the address of the Ralucanedelcu.ro website, they will be considered non-confidential and without the protection of personal or property rights, becoming the property of Ralucanedelcu.ro, free from any claims, of whatever nature. These materials may be used for any purpose by Ralucanedelcu.ro, without the obligation to provide compensation for their use.

Ralucanedelcu.ro uses “cookies” to identify users. These do not contain any personal data of the user and do not present a risk in case of interception by third parties. If the user’s browser is set not to accept them, certain pages of the portal may not function partially or at all.

On the Ralucanedelcu.ro portal, there may be advertisements and/or links to pages of third parties, including partners, advertising providers, or sponsors. The information provided by such external pages is not under the control of Ralucanedelcu.ro, and any disclosure of personal data on other pages on the Internet is done at one’s own risk.


The terms and conditions of use mentioned above also apply to the periodic newsletter from Ralucanedelcu.ro, transmitted via email to registered users.

Ralucanedelcu.ro reserves the right to modify, revise, or supplement these rules at any time. Any modification will be made public on this page and will come into effect at the time of publication and will be binding on any User.

For any questions or additional information regarding this document or its provisions, please address them in writing to the following email address: contact@ralucanedelcu.ro